New York State Unified Court System

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WebSurrogate provides information on estate proceedings and other filings within New York State Surrogate's Courts. WebSurrogate is a free service that allows you to search files, retrieve documents, and view historical records that are considered to be public information.

Available Search Options

Name Search

Find Surrogate's Court files by Party Name, narrow your search by date of death. View file history and associated documents.

File Search

Find Surrogate's Court files by file number. View file history and associated documents.

Old Index Search *

Find historical Surrogate's Court records (Old Indexes) by file number or file name. View images of available file records.

Index Book Pages*

Browse and view available images of pages from Surrogate's Court index books.

Will Search *

Find records for Wills Filed For Safekeeping with a Surrogate's Court by Testator name. View a list of matching Will records held at a Surrogate's Court. Wills Filed For Safekeeping are not available for public view.

*Not all Surrogate's Courts have these records available online.


On February 19, 2014, the Uniform Rules for Surrogate’s Courts were amended to include Section 207.64 to protect CPI and restrict access to certain file records and documents.

WebSurrogate prevents access to files and documents that are restricted per 207.64, but does not redact documents. As of 2/19/2014, Parties are responsible for redacting CPI from documents filed with Surrogate’s Courts.

WebSurrogate ONLY provide links to document images that were filed on or after 02/19/2014. Unrestricted documents filed at a Surrogate’s Court prior to 02/19/2014 may be viewed using the public access computers inside that court.